Issues of Justice in Clark County

God is a God of justice. He calls us Christians to throw our efforts onto the side of maintaining and fighting for justice.

130-140 underage girls will be trafficked today in Vancouver/Portland. They range from 12 and older. They are lured into prostitution or kidnapped into it. Called To Rescue helps families find their missing daughters in the first 48 hours when the police department still considers a missing person a runaway.

Cyndi Romine, the Director of Called to Rescue, will be meeting with our group to present the facts of this fastest growing global criminal industry. We will be asking what we as Christians can do, including teens who want to help.

Called to Rescue, is a Christian organization, and the recipient of the golf tournament fundraiser that Pastor Jeff had been promoting.

Why: To understand the sex-trafficking problem and discuss ways to fight it.

Who: Anyone who feels a burden for right and justice and mature enough to handle hearing the issues. This presentation will be presented with high school teens in mind.

When: Wednesday, June 12, 3:30-4:30 pm

Where: The Headquarters of Called to Rescue Organization
         1400 NE 136th Ave.
         Vancouver, WA  98684
         (Near Mill Plain-almost directly across the street from the DMV, In the 2nd floor of the building, US Digital, in the Outreach Center.)