Discipleship University Course: The video presentations of this class will available soon. 

Community Groups Leadership Training 101 & 301 by Kurt Johnson & Pastor Jeff

Dear Group Leader,

This course covers the deeper topics a leader needs to know about leading a group. Live demonstrations and hands on practise will be shown. Participants will get a heads start on learning the dynamics of directing group interaction on the Scripture. 

Your willingness to lead a community of believers to deeper fellowship with Christ and other--that desire is priceless. Thank you for being willing to serve others through this important ministry. 

Perhaps you're not a leader, but want to become one. Or you need a refresher. Where do you start? Right here with this course, Commuinty Group Leadership, 301. It's a junior level course, because it's about leadership. 

Our Speaker: Kurt Johnson is the Bible School Director for the Voice of Prophecy. Pastor Johnson has conducted seminars on small groups and personal witnessing techniques world-wide. He has written numerous books and Bible study guides for small group ministry.