40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 16 - September 28

He Will Command His Angels
By Carolyn Karlstrom

My husband had back surgery ten months ago but not before sustaining significant damage to the muscles in his right leg. That leg is not fully reliable yet, as he found out just a few weeks ago. He was taking a load of garbage to the dump in the back of his pick-up. He was on a major, heavily travelled east-west two-lane highway across the state of Washington. A piece of cardboard lifted off the load, taking with it several chunks of wood of various sizes. They flew onto the highway.

Rick pulled off when he could and ran back to retrieve the debris before they could cause an accident. Cars, freight trucks, and vacation vehicles barreled by him.

He carefully timed his first pass across the highway, picking up several pieces of material on his way. He got safely to the other side, caught his breath, and prepared to cross again in the other direction to gather up the rest. The nearest vehicle to him was a semi, and it was a couple hundred yards away, moving fast. He ran onto the roadway, got near the debris – very close to the center line – and his weak leg gave way.

He started to fall. He heard an urgent voice say, “Roll!”

The word meant something to him. He’d “rolled” plenty of times as a gymnast in academy and college. He’d not performed the maneuver in at least 40 years, however, and the concept was not on his radar at all. The idea didn’t come from within. Without any hesitation, however, taking no time to think about it, he tucked his head down into his chest, hit the asphalt with his left shoulder, and rolled. He remembers nothing of the actual roll-over movement, becoming aware again as he came up onto his feet on the side of the highway. He turned around immediately and saw the truck roar by.

One glove had been torn from his hand; the other was shredded but still attached in places. Otherwise there was no damage anywhere; the rest of his clothing was intact and, more importantly, so was he. He sustained no breaks, cuts, scrapes, bruises, or even soreness in the days to follow.

We don’t doubt that Rick heard the Holy Spirit’s voice and was rolled out of the way of traffic by an angel. Praise the Name of the Lord!

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”
Psalm 91:11, 12; NIV

Ask God for angel protection for Pastor Roger and the evangelistic team while they are preparing for and during the meetings.