40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 17 - September 29

The Real Deal of the Meal
By Don Jacobsen, Just a Minute... (2014)
Used with permission

Our prayer life is the main course of our journey. Not the centerpiece. Not the garnish. Not the dessert. The main course. We can survive without the trimmings, but it's the main course course that nourishes everything else. What did you have for dinner? Not stuffed celery. Not lemon pie. I had Special K casserole - my wife's forte. The other stuff was nice, but the real deal of that meal was the casserole.

Every other part of our journey grows out of the intimate time we spend with Him. Praying is not how we prepare for His assignment; praying is the assignment. All else grows out of that. It is in His presence that He teaches us to look at others through His eyes and see a candidate for immortal honors.

It is in His presence that our hearts cry out, "nurture in me a desire for holiness." It is in his presence that we begin to grasp the deep lessons of forgiveness - our own and those who have wronged us. It is in His presence, as nowhere else, that we come to understand how truly trustable He is.

Jesus ... called to Him those He wanted... that they might be with Him
Mark 3:13,14

Ask God to give you a new baptism today - of your calendar, your clock, your priorities - for His glory.