40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 34 - October 16

Enough ... And Then Some
By Becky Wilson

Of course we’re scared! Who wouldn’t be? Give up everything for Jesus? Home? Finances? Time? He couldn’t have meant everything, could He?

Some might say that God really only asks for 10% of our money and some extra for incidentals that are more wish list than necessity. Some might rationalize, “I don’t have kids. Why should I give money for Christian education?” Others might reason, “Why should I give money for audio/visual equipment to live stream one sermon a week? I’m sitting right here in a pew.” And others might complain, “I’ll never pay off the mortgage on my house. Why should I help the church pay off theirs?” And others lament, “Why would God expect me to give 10% when I can’t even make ends meet?”

Why, indeed…

Desire of Ages tells us the atonement was ‘enough and to spare.’ What does ‘to spare’ mean? Isn’t enough, enough? Not to Jesus. He could have picked a palace for His birth, but then shepherds would have felt unworthy to come to Him. He could have picked more educated men to be His disciples, but then the world would not have believed anyone could have the mind of Christ. He could have suffered so much less savagery at His death, but then the universe might not have known that evil stops at nothing to get what it wants.

Enough and to spare… it’s a good way to live because all kids need Christ-centered education, because our home-bound members can still feel like a part of our service, because the house of God shouldn’t be in debt to anyone, and because fear can never put faith on the table.

Oh, I almost forgot. All those stingy, miserly Scrooges I mentioned at the beginning? They’re all me, at one time or another. I still battle with generosity, but God is always quick to prove He will open the storehouse of heaven, if I need Him to. He has more than enough...and then some.

‘The Lord will open for you, His good storehouse…”
Deuteronomy 28:12

Pray that our hearts will open in trust that He will provide as He asks us to provide for others.