40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 35 - October 17

Detach; Before We Attach
By Becky Wilson

Could it be that the reason we sometimes find the Christian walk so difficult is because we are trying to attach ourselves to Christ before we detach ourselves from our cherished idols? This isn’t to say we have to be perfect before we come to Jesus…but once we do, can we keep our feet in two diametrically opposed worlds and expect to find true contentment in either one?

Now, more than ever in earth’s history, there seems to be an overwhelming, supernatural pull from both good and evil for ownership of our souls. One day we feel the Spirit moving with extraordinary power drawing us so close to Christ we can almost hear His heart beat, and the next day we sack out in front of the television watching a Game of Thrones marathon.

What is WRONG with us?

The apostle Paul asked himself the very same question in Romans 7. He has some sound counsel we would be wise to study. Until then, just give God your cherished idols instead of hoping He’ll take a crowbar and pry them out of your hands. He doesn’t work that way. He has so many incredible gifts to give you, but how can you reach out and accept them if your hands are already full…?

“…you cannot serve God and mammon.”
Matthew 6:24

Pray for the courage to give up the things that keep you from giving yourself wholly and completely to the One who gave Himself wholly and completely to you.