40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 39 - October 21

God's in His Heaven
By Ginny Allen

On days like today it's easy to think of the oft' quoted lines from Robert Browning's poem, Pippa's Song.
             "God's in His heaven
             All 's right with the world!"

The sky is blue and the sun is warm already this early in the day. I see the neighborhood squirrel carrying walnuts back and forth along the fence trying to figure out which yard is best for burying his treasure. Somewhere close by a bird is chirping his merry song. And, though it is September, my roses still bloom. I know if I go out and smell my favorite, Double Delight, it will be just that- a double delight to my senses. Sweet, sweet fragrance wrapped in soft, velvety petals of pink and cream.

But I also know in my heart that this sense of safety and security doesn't go far past my own backyard. Just a few nights ago there was a store robbery not far away in this quiet neighborhood. And then I remember the news photos of the crowds trying to leave Syria to find their safety and security. My heart hurts as I replay in my mind the picture of a young boy with swarms of people all around him. He is on his knees with his face heavenward and his hands outstretched in front of him. No one seems to notice him, except maybe the photographer. I cannot erase the anguished look on his face as he is crying to the heavens. Maybe he is crying out to God. One thing he knows is that all is not right with his world.

How thankful we can be that in all this chaos and pain there is truth in this- God's in His Heaven! God is still in control even when we can't sense it or see it. There will come a day when all of this will be over. That young Syrian boy needs to hear the good news that Jesus is coming. There are people in Vancouver that need to hear the same good news. That is why our church chooses to do evangelism.

“Jesus, the One who says these things are true, says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”
Revelation 22:20 NCV

Prayer Challenge!
Pray for those who need to hear the good news.
Pray for the ones who are deciding whether to come to the meetings or not as they receive the brochures or see posters or the banners or even just drive by.