40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 4 - September 16

Heaven Starts Now
By Ginny Allen

Can you imagine what Heaven will be like? Mostly we think of Heaven in terms of the ones we love - our family, our friends, our church. And of course that will be one of the best parts of Heaven! I have a long list of those I can't wait to see again, don't you. But I like to remind myself that most of the people there will be people that we do not know. People from all ages, from all countries, from all religions. Won't it be wonderful to meet them, to learn their names, and hear their stories. Won't it be amazing to accept them as brothers and sisters in Christ even though we are so very different? Won't it be heart-satisfying to bow down in worship next to someone who is a new friend, a heavenly friend?

Guess what? Heaven can start now! Next time you come to church. Look around for someone you do not know. Learn their name and ask them to tell you their story. As you get to know them you will become brothers and sisters in Christ though you may be very different. You may also be the encouragement they need that very day. Friendship puts Heaven in our hearts long before we actually get there. So when you see someone you don't know, especially during and after, our evangelistic meetings, be a friend! Friendship Evangelism is evangelism that works!

“Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.”
Philippians 2:4 NCV

Ask God to show you who needs you in your neighborhood and in your church.