40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 41 - October 23

Here We Are!
By Ginny Allen

Well, here we are! Forty days, plus one, of prayer challenges completed. We can never have too much prayer, can we?

Our meetings are about to begin. New people will begin to walk through our doors. They will have different feelings as they come. Some will be certain that God has brought them to our church. Others may be afraid that they will not really be welcome. A few will wonder if they are hearing Bible truth. And a very few might even wonder what Christians are really like, if they mean what they say, if their actions speak as loud as their words! Now that they are hearing Bible truth, they may be waiting for someone just like you to become their friend. They may be hoping they will meet someone who can show them what it means to be a Christian in both words and actions.

God wants to use you during these meetings. You may be the key to a changed life for someone! So keep on praying, keeping on smiling, keep on welcoming guests, and keep on watching to see what God does next. You're on the evangelistic team!

“Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He will send out laborers into His harvest.””
Matthew 9:38

Prayer challenge!
Pray that God will bring whoever needs to be at the meetings.
Pray that each one, guest or member, will see a picture of God's love.
Pray that each one will be filled with a commitment to keep coming.
Pray for Pastor Roger and the team.