40 Days of Prayer - 2015
Day 9 - September 21

The Marathoner and the Man
By Becky Wilson

Enoch was living proof that heaven is within walking distance.

When we pray or study the Bible, we are sitting or kneeling and too often we’re content to stay right there because it feels safe. It’s easy to forget that the destination of our journey can only be found if we start to walk. And oh, how Enoch did love to walk! We all would if, by faith, we truly believed the creator of the universe was our walking companion.

Yet, God has promised the same relationship He had with Enoch to each of us. Do we even wonder what that would be like? How did God reveal Himself to Enoch? Was it a still small voice? Could Enoch actually feel the very presence of God? Were there physical footprints in the sand?

And what about that day when God said, “Enoch, it’s getting dark and it’s too late for you to head back home. My house is just over the hill. Come and stay with Me.” How much courage did it take for Enoch to take that step into an unknown realm that he must have instinctively known he could not return back to his family? We might think his decision would have been an easy one. Before we make that judgment call on Enoch, we would do well to consider our own fear to even let God lead us out our front door to seek and save the lost. If you are hesitating, even just a little bit, let God know you’re scared. Ask Him for the faith and courage of Enoch. And then dust off your Adidas. God is a marathoner.

And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.”
Genesis 5:24

Ask God to give you courage to walk in faith and courage to look for the lost.