Below is an overview of the topics we are planning on covering. While the classes will not be exhaustive. (We're always learning more about being a disciple)

But these topics are meant to cover most of the key topics to deepen his understanding of God's Word. 

Upcoming Topics* for 2012

Bible History & Origin 

Bible Prophecy

Budgeting & Stewardship 

Christian Standards & Values  

Community Groups & Brotherly Care  

Corporate Worship & Personal Devotions  

Denomination History & Structure 


Evangelism & Witnessing

Healthful Living  


Marriage & Relationships  


Personal Attitudes & Virtues  



Sanctuary & Judgment  

Spirit of Prophecy  

Spiritual Gifts

State of the Dead  

*Topics are listed alphabetically, not in order of importance.  Courses are offered once/year.

We encourage all members to attend these courses. 



How we number our courses.

Freshman courses will cover basics of the topic. They're numbered in the 100's.

Sophomore Courses will cover more advanced topics. They're numbered in the 200's. 

Junior Courses deal with leadership Topics. They're numbered in the 300's.

Senior Courses deal with advanced Leadership Topics. They're numbered in the 400's.