4 Day "Hands On" Gardening Workshop


May 20 - 23.  

Sun: 9 am - 4 pm.   Mon - Wed: 6 - 8 pm.

Learn How To:
*  Grow the freshest, most nutritious food for less than your local market.
*  Balance your depleted soil.
*  Form rows to eliminate most weeds and conserve water.
*  How to grow 100 lbs. tomatoes on one plant.
*  Plant trees that grow 300% faster and healthier.
*  The best fertilizers to use.
*  Learn about the healing benefits of using ocean  water on your garden.


$65/person  $75/couple, early registration encouraged.



Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Church

9711 NE St John’s Rd.

(360) 696 -2511 


Our Speaker is Lynn Hoag. You can find out more by checking out his site, www.suncountrygardens.comindex.htm

"As a child in India my Dad helped me start my first garden. We saw so much poverty that growing food became very important. In fact, all I ever wanted to do was feed the starving world! To me, growing a garden is a necessity—not a hobby. It is something I have to do.

What do I do with all the knowledge I have learned over the last many years? For five years I have been teaching a garden class with six rows demonstrating six different methods of gardening. For the backyard garden I have combined the BEST of those six rows.

Our soil is so depleted that we do not get the nutrition from the foods our bodies need. I have learned to balance the soil and grow high brix (high nutritious) produce creating “healing” foods.

We are committed to being “stewards” of the soil and guardians of the gardens."

Contact:  Lynn and Elizabeth Hoag (presenter) 530-622-4968
Marilyn Puccinelli (Host Coordinator) 360-609-1461;
To register call our church office at 360.696.2511 or fill in the form below.