FREE Gardening WorkShop 
(it's better than organic!) 

Learn techniques guaranteed to improve your harvest, get your hands dirty in the garden, and be inspired 
as you learn secrets to a healthy, happy garden!
Gardening expert, Lynn Hoag, (  has a passion for gardening biologically (better than organic).
He shares these principles so anyone can grow the most abundant, delicious, high Brix, nutrient dense, 
healing foods anywhere on earth!
  • Learn how to grow your ideal garden, harvested fresh from your own garden this summer!
  • Learn first hand how you can grow foods with 100% of the nutrients and minerals your body needs. 
  • Learn how to test your soil, balance it and grow the most nutritious and healing foods you have ever tasted!
  • Learn how to balance your soil to grow the best nutritious and tasty food on earth!

When? Two Sunday afternoons and four evenings 

Sun afternoons March 22 and 29 from 2-5 PM at Marshall Community Center, 1009 E McLoughlin Blvd. Vancouver, WA

Four evenings March 23,24,25,26  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs  from 6-8 PM at The Center, 3114 # Fourth Plain and Norris Rd. Vancouver WA
*Demonstrations in the gardens and orchard. Bring shovel and rake if you wish to participate in the preparation and planting! 

You will learn how to
*grow the most delicious, nutritious produce year round!
*grow fruit trees 300% faster than conventional methods,
*use ocean water to improve flavor and grow healing foods,
*balance the soil and properly prepare it to give your plants what they need,
*eliminate most weeds, keep out pests, gophers, deer,
*grow the best garden you've ever had!

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Register by March 15