On June 20, 2010, five year old Juliette Gandy was taken to the hospital where a tumor was discovered in and around her brainstem. Although several doctors have examined her situation, they have determined the tumor to be inoperable.

This is a heartbreaking situation and has caused many of us to want to jump to action. There are a few things we can do to help.

  • Keep them in our thoughts and prayers!
  • Contribute to the fund Vancouver Church uses to help people in such circumstances, called the "Benevolent Fund": 

Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Church

9711 NE St. John's Road 

Vancouver, WA 98665

Pastor Jeff will be administering the fund to help Matt and Juliette with living and/or medical expenses. We want to help ease the heavy load for the family so Matt (Juliette's father) doesn't have to work and can spend as much time with Juliette as possible. 

The family appreciates all our love and support. However, please refrain from showering Juliette with gifts as Matt and Jessica (Juliette's mother) would like her to continue leading a normal life. Also, please refrain from calling or texting him. He knows we're here for him and that's what counts.

Matt and Jessica were advised to answer Juliette's questions as she asks them, but not to volunteer information. She does not know that she has limited time here. What she does know is that she is sick and there is something in her brain.

If you plan to come to church or to see Juliette and are sick or have been recently, please refrain from touching or even being near her. We want to keep her well. Please use the hand sanitation bottles as well.

Thank you for your support.