• Thriving schools
  • Answered prayers
  • The Center is complete and meeting community needs
  • Health Issues: Ray Akrawi, Sandra Akrawi, Ginny Allen, Kathy Baum, Valera Bradbrook, Cindy Collins, Judy Douglas, Doris Krenzler, Teri Lee, Pat Leeson, Beverly Porter, Larrie Dean Porter, David Reed, Evelyn Rojas, Kathy Sargent, Janell Stafford, Sonie Thurston, Stan Wilson, Richard Wright
  • Cancer: Teri Lee
  • Care homes/hospice: Lori Oliver Brenner, Al Myrland
  • Military Service: Rebekka Bliss Carter, Justin Frantz, Graham & Heather, Katie Keplinger, Chad Leno, Kim Ta, Seth Walter
  • Incarcerated: Brian H, Darrin S, David W, Ronald W



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Updated August 16, 2018